Marine GOLD Collection

5g Sea Turtle Gold Medallion

RM1,829.88/Piece .

Sea turtles are long-living migratory marine reptiles with an estimated lifespan of 70-80 years. The first sea turtles were said to be on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs! In the mythology and folklore of many cultures, turtle has a prominent position as a symbol of steadfastness and tranquillity.
999.9 Fine Gold
The image of the two sea turtles is embossed on a 5g 999.9 fine gold.
Iconic Reverse Design
The 5g sea turtle gold Medallion design portrays an image of two sea turtle by the beach. The design also includes the inscription MARINE COLLECTION, the Medallion’s weight and fineness, and GoldSilver Refinery’s “GS” logo mark.
Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Each Medallion is accompanied by a numbered Certification of Authenticity.
Product detail
Current Mintage: 3,000 pcs
Availability: In Stock
Condition: Uncirculated
Material: 999.9 Fine Gold
Product Year: 2016
Product Size: 21mm
Weight: 5 Gram

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